“Before Kawika, I didn't get regular massages. As a collegiate rugby athlete, it is very important for my body to be at it's best so I can perform. While working with Kawika he has helped me combat chronic injury, rehab new injuries, and maintain a comfortable healthy lifestyle."


“Kawika has truly been able to offer me healing hands through a life time of injuries, stress of work, research, school, travel and occasional self maintenance days. I first came to Kawika about 3 weeks prior to my second Bodybuilding Competition, and in only those 3 weeks, he had helped seriously transform my body to help strengthen and clean up my posing drastically.

I have always felt comfortable, cared for and I’ve also learned a lot from him due to his extensive knowledge of the actual functions of the body during a particular application or movement. He checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive in his methods of individualizing his care. He’s encouraged me to be an active part in my own treatment by putting me to work with passive resistance stretches or offering me suggestions for moves I can do at home. He is open to ideas and interested to know what works for you. . . He's truly helped me learn how to live through my movements.

Thank you Kawika, for being there for me! I will be a client of yours for life.”


"As a triathlete and healthcare provider, I believe in the importance of preventative measures in addition to treatment when necessary. After a knee injury, which required a steroid injection, which caused a modification in my training, I met Kawika. I started seeing him regularly and even more frequent prior to my races. With Living Through Movement's help, I have been happily injury free for the last 2.5 years. I appreciate Kawika's knowledge of human anatomy and his skills that helped me meet my goals."


"Like any other college athlete I repetitively took my body through a beating with little to mediocre body maintenance. As a softball player there are muscles that tend to be more over used than others which can lead to muscle imbalances. A year after I stopped playing my body decided to fall apart.

It started out with a tight hip and hamstring which then evolved into horrible nerve pain. The zapping pain from my lower back, glute and hamstring resulted in a limp to avoid the intense pain. I went to chiropractors, I did physical therapy, and even went to my Doctor. No one could pin point the issue.

At this point I was heart broken because I couldn’t play sports. Anytime I ran let alone walked I was in so much pain. I had narrowed down what helped most but I was still in pain, until I met Kawika. Whom I found through a softball friend on Instagram.

After a year of no sports, Chiropractors, Doctor visits, and  physical therapy he changed my life. I could tell after my first visit he was very familiar with how an athletes body worked and had impressive knowlege of the human anatomy. After the first session I had some relief. A few weeks of testing out different techniques and being consistent I could finally walk without pain, and a few months after that I could finally sprint pain free. I was ecstatic! Thanks to Kawika’s healing hands I can finally play sports, exercise, and do the things that I love without pain!"



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